Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP)

Defendo offers an exclusive and diverse range of ACP manufactured by various leading companies. ...

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Tress Work

In Kerala, the intense heat in summer and heavy rains in the monsoons play havoc with the traditional roofing methods. Tress Work or additional roofin...

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Roofing has undergone a qualitative change over the years, drawing support and inspiration from state of the art technology and changes in aesthetic s...

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Welcome To Defendo Solutions

Defendo Roofs and Exteriors, is the authorized dealer of leading ACP products, and roofing materials manufactured by world renowned companies. The traditionally used materials for roofing, and conventional methods of exterior /interior wall furnishing fail to serve their purpose in the present Kerala climate of intensely hot seasons and the two spells of monsoon with heavy rainfall.


Pre-Engineering Building systems is used for factory buildings, warehouses, workshops, distribution centers, showrooms, aircraft hangars, schools sports halls, supermarkets, office buildings, car parking sheds, all types of industrial sheds and virtually any one, two or three storey building.

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On Going Projects

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